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Arthur G. Kaplan - President

Mr. Kaplan is a marketing-oriented research professional with a proven track record of maximizing marketing research contribution to profit and share growth. He has had over 25 years of diversified and successful experience with dozens of major brands in industries related to Personal Care, Office Products, Communications, Technology, Publishing,
  Industrial Materials, Television, Consumer Electronics, Foods, Appliances, and Lighting.

Art possesses strong planning, analytic, interpersonal and motivational skills, and utilizes a style emphasizing issue identification and action orientation. His experience includes successful interaction with all levels of management, including CEOs and presidents of Fortune 500 companies.


Art's Career began at the William Esty Ad Agency in Research and Account Service, before continuing in Research at Borden, Inc. Art was Director of Marketing Research/Worldwide for 5 years with Tambrands, Inc. Prior, he held similar positions with General Electric and Black & Decker, as well as a senior position with General Foods for 10 years. He went on to found Kaplan MRD, Inc. in 1990. In his free time, Art enjoys downhill skiing, team sports, and Broadway theater.