Mode of Operation/Key Principles

We believe that it is essential to understand marketing issues clearly before designing research; so we work closely with clients to help carefully define issues.

  We believe that research is only as good as the use to which it is put; so we recommend starting research only when the action to be taken is clearly defined.  
  We recommend the research that best fits the issue and decision to be made. We can do this because we have significant experience with all type of custom research and syndicated services.  
  We place clients’ research with Research Companies we have found to be the most effective over the years.  
  We competitively bid our studies to ensure the best price:value.  
  If there is any problem with a study, we act on the client’s behalf to resolve it promptly, acting as your MRD.  
  We serve as trusted research counsel, readily available either on a regularly scheduled basis, or a phone call away.