Why Kaplan MRD?
    We Solve a Common Problem!  
The Business environment in the next decade will continue to become increasingly competitive, while the economic climate may be even more challenging.
Appropriate Marketing Research support is critical for development and integration of consumer and marketplace knowledge within the Organization -- to gain and hold advantages vs. competition that will, in turn, help improve the Business’ operating profitability.
Facing the need to carefully control overhead staff costs, Management is left with serious concerns about maintaining quality, efficiency, timeliness and Marketing Research’s overall contribution to the Marketing process.
    The Solution:  
  Kaplan MRD, Inc. is an independent Marketing Research Department that provides all the staff services of an “in-house” MRD, without the overhead staff cost.  
  KMRD operates as your own Marketing Research Department -- and provides staffing on a “custom” basis -- according to a client’s unique needs.