Kaplan MRD, Inc.
The Marketing Research Department
The Marketing Research Department
Kaplan MRD, Inc. is an independent Marketing Research Department that provides all the professional advantages and staff services of an “in-house” MRD, without the overhead costs.
Kaplan MRD operates as your own Marketing Research Department --or easily augments existing staff in needed areas. We provide Clients with an efficient way to control research costs while benefitting from highly experienced research support.
Relationships, Not Transactions
A key reason for mutual success is that both we and our clients believe strongly in relationships, not transactions. Clients can count on Kaplan MRD for “the long haul”; a trusted resource, readily available.


Historic Location
White Plains, NY

Currently, the City of White Plains, N.Y. stands out as one of the top suburban residential, office, and retail
centers in the nation. Thanks in part to our revitalized downtown district, White Plains has been transformed into a 24/7 city while retaining its small city appeal.