Human Resources Services

Kaplan MRD prides itself on the fact that every program is tailored in content, format, length (i.e., time frame), and component delivery to the specific needs of an organization and its personnel. We would be pleased to discuss our services in depth with your representative.


Categories of Human Resource Programs and Services Available

  Career Management and Transition Services
These include group programs and individual work with employees at all levels in the organization--including senior management and executives. Our staff has delivered these services to private sector, government, and non-profit organizations throughout the country.
  Executive Coaching and Advisement Programs
Projects in this area typically involve both individual and small group work designed to assist senior personnel to perform more effectively within their organizations.
  Recruitment Practices and Evaluation Advisories
These programs focus on analysis of data and practices, methodology, and policy to bring closure with improved acceptance ratios. Training of in-house resources is available.
  Employment Retention Seminar/Workshop for Executives
Emphasis in these programs is on study of turnover data, recruiting practices, and management issues with recommendations and coaching. Methodologies for follow-up also are included.